VPS Hosting 101

August 7, 2019
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Are you looking for the best website hosting service in Malaysia for your new blog? Creating and maintaining a blog is not easy. There are plenty of aspects to focus on, and one of them is quality web hosting. If you’re not yet sure which web hosting plan to get, you might want to consider VPS hosting.

What exactly is VPS?

VPS basically stands of virtual private server. Your website’s server is the computer utilized to host all your information. Any content that you want to load on the website should be uploaded on the computer, which also needs to be powerful enough to handle all traffic that will be drawn in.

Server Options

There are many types of servers, though this article would just focus on three–dedicated, VPS and shared server.

1.Shared Hosting Server

The web hosting agency that will host your website would place it on a computer server together with other web pages. This is typically regarded as starter server simply because it is the most affordable option, and makes it easy for people to update their web pages. The downside? If other websites encounter a big increase in traffic, it can slow your own website down. A spike on traffic can really cause website performance issues.

2.Dedicated Hosting Server

Choosing a dedicated hosting service means that you are paying for your web pages to be the only ones hosted on a server. This server is 100% yours, and you are not sharing the resources with another user. This is brilliant option for those people who want to gain full control of their web pages. It is also the priciest one.

3.Virtual Private Server

VPS is the middle ground between dedicated hosting and shared hosting. With VPS hosting, your website is still on a single server together with other websites. However, this service utilizes virtualization technology in order to break down the server into many mini-servers that work independently.

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