Time Fibre Malaysia: How The Service is At Its Best

August 15, 2021
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Today, the development of the Internet at all levels, both business and user, has reached such a point that data backup and desktop applications have lost steam. This phenomenon has completely changed the way we work and interact as we are increasingly connected to the network. On the Internet, we not only find information or make purchases, but today applications and tools are used to store information, create content and implement business solutions that allow improving business processes. Choosing the right Time fibre Malaysia service is essential here.

Time fiber Malaysia

Use of Different Formats

Until a few years ago, business applications, such as ERP’s, CRM, databases or custom applications used by companies, were kept within local networks using a client-server architecture, so that users could use the applications from their workstation, the Internet was used to host the corporate website, and carry out some data or file exchanges.

Different Models

The appearance of different models of cloud services, IaaS, PaaS and SaaS, means that the applications used by companies begin to cross the barriers of the local network. Much of the software that was previously relatively secure behind the firewall, and enjoyed the transmission speeds offered by local networks connected by dedicated cable to the company, is now hosted on external servers and cloud computing platforms.

Smart Services for You Now

In order to offer a service and user experience comparable to that of ‘classic’ corporate applications, which run on local servers, Managed Service Providers have to offer a series of guarantees, both in terms of security and communication speed and quality of service.

For this, it is essential that the provider that offers cloud computing platforms for applications ‘in the cloud’, or that hosts company servers, has a wide communications network made up of various data centers located in different countries, and is an expert in services connectivity, which allows offering a comprehensive Service Level Agreement for the entire solution, that is, from the user position to the access to the Cloud platform where the application is hosted.

Data Usages

In this way, if necessary, the data arrives from the Data center closest to the client, or if there is an eventual fall of part of the network, the rest absorbs all the traffic and the provider can provide High Availability solutions, which allow ensuring connections between all sites at all times, and thus the applications continue to function, even in the event of local disasters.

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