The Acoustics Of Your Coffee Shop: What To Do With The Noise?

July 7, 2021
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Nobody goes to cafes and coffee shops expecting pitch silence as they sip on coffee and exchange scandalous teas and tales. We go to coffee shops for both their ambiance, design, and the hype of their salmon sandwich with the matcha latte. A delicious cup of frappuccino with extra whipped cream with a side of nice blueberry tres leches. 

Coffee shops are aimed to improve harmony and social aspects among people. It provides a medium for like-minded people to come together and engage in fairly robust and loud conversations. So many researches have suggested that the buzz and noise of people talking in a coffee shop are almost therapeutic and helpful in improving our productivity. But there is also such a thing as providing a medium with the perfect acoustics. Not every coffee shop will have the same harmonizing sounds despite looking the same. Some coffee shops facilitate conversation and noise a lot better than others. 

What makes the key differences in the coffee shops when it comes to acoustics? There are several factors influencing the way sound travels and is regulated in the shop. Sometimes it may take a little tweaking of the Spotify playlist that is on repeat in the shop but sometimes it gets a little more technical than that. These technicalities should be considered when designing the interiors and building the coffee shop. 

 Proper Acoustic Materials 

When designing a coffee shop, it is not as simple as just matching up a bunch of furniture and materials together to create harmony. A coffee shop needs proper materials that is capable of positively influencing the sound in the coffee shop. The material not only is limited to the type of Glass partition kuala lumpur manufacturer has provided. But it is also affected by even the simplest of things like the type of glassware we use, the metallic use, flooring, chairs, and even the type of walls. 

Level Of Sound Absorption

Speaking of the materials and their acoustic power, have you accounted for the amount of sound absorption and insulation they provide? These are not things we can tell by one glance at the furniture and materials. These require an expert’s hand and advice when designing our coffee shop. Making sure we pay attention to the level of sound absorption plays an important role in how your consumers behave in the coffee shop. They are highly affected by noise and it is not something that should be underestimated. 

The Arrangement And Interior 

The material we use also needs to have proper order to facilitate the acoustics. Just like an office or home, placement of the rooms to chairs makes the optimal differences when it comes to how we hear one another.

A coffee shop must ensure that they are able to transmit sound in a manner that is not difficult for us or even the neighboring tables. Everyone should be allowed to have their own bubble of conversation without having to be disturbed by echoes and harsh squeaky noises. Background music and white noise from the coffee machine are all important types of good influences but the ambiance is ruined when improper acoustic materials are used. 

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