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Types Of Services In The Shipping Industry

July 16, 2021
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The shipping industry revolves not only around importing and exporting goods around the globe. There are many services that are involved in the shipping industry. We are sure that everyone has at least once in their lifetime ordered things from overseas. It could be clothes, instant foods or even beauty products. Have you ever thought about how these items reach you or what services are involved in the shipping industry that delivers your products? There are many services that are involved in the shipping industry. 

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Lay Up Of Ships

If the shipping company has ships that are not in service anymore due to a lack of cargo that is not being delivered using that ship, the ship will be laid up. Most shipping industries opt for the cold lay up Malaysia because it will help them be more cost-efficient. It will also be helpful for the shipping companies to save up the funds that they had to use to service unused ships. This will help the shipping companies to keep track of their shipments well because they will have a record of which ships are being used for the transportation instead of them just focusing on the ships that are not in service. 

Technical And Mechanical Services

There are certain shipping companies that will outsource their technical and mechanical services to other companies in the shipping industry. This will help the company grow not only in terms of the goods shipments but also will help to build a rapport of the company’s services that are being offered. If the company has in-house technicians and mechanics, it will be more cost-efficient because they do not need to hire for these services from other companies to service their ships.


Shipping companies are also involved in goods shipments because that is where the main source of income for many companies in the shipping industry comes from. But before they are involved in the shipments, they need to make sure they have all the proper documentation needed for loading and delivering the goods. They also need to make sure their ships are always in good condition to avoid it from stopping in the middle of the sea on the way of delivering or receiving the goods. In case this was to happen, it will be very troublesome for both the shipping company and the client because a lot of funds and time will be wasted due to the inconvenience caused by the ships. Besides that, you need to keep track of the goods that you are transporting through your ships to avoid missing goods. 

These are the main services that are provided by any shipping company in the shipping industry. There are other services too like procurement but that usually comes together with shipments and vessel lay up. If you are thinking about starting your own shipping company, make sure you understand well the services that you would like your company to provide and you also need to have your own website to gain clients across the globe.