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5 Different Types of Web Hosting Explained

January 7, 2020
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Shared Web Hosting

Incredible for individuals on a limited spending plan. Webmasters commonly start with shared hosting. Shared hosting is extremely modest, yet has a significant disadvantage.

A ton of these plans utilizes a boundless data transfer capacity offer. There are consistently breaking points to the assets you can use on a shared server.

There are heaps of constraints with shared hosting. You are imparting your server to hundreds or thousands of different sites.

Subsequently, has to need to screen their asset use for each site on a similar server. A ton of hosts rushes to suspend your record when your asset limit is excessively high. For example, CPU use, RAM, and inodes have limits with these plans.

Shared plans can cost $2-$20 every month. Some shared hosts that get incredible audits on are:


Affiliate Web Hosting

Affiliate Web best hosting is an arrangement that enables you to sell distinctive shared plans.

Affiliate plans have a control board that enables you to have authority over the charging, stockpiling, RAM, and so on of your shared records. This enables you to have full power over various plans you can offer your customers.

A ton of web originators uses affiliate hosting to assist keep with the following of their customers. Likewise, they make month leftover pay from Reseller hosting.
Affiliate plans accompany these advantages:

  • Free website formats.
  • White marks specialized help. Your host will deal with specialized issues for your customers.
  • Private name servers.

Affiliate plans can cost between $15-$99/month. Some affiliate has that get surveys on are:


VPS Web Hosting

It’s as yet a shared domain. Be that as it may, you have much fewer impediments.

VPS web hosting has many fewer websites on a solitary server. Servers are split into littler “cuts.” Each of these cuts goes about as an alternate server. Henceforth the name Virtual Private Server.

Generally, there are just around 10 to 15 customers for each server.

VPS plans cost between $10-$200/month. Some VPS has that get great audits on are:


Devoted Web Hosting

Devoted hosting implies you are leasing a solitary server. There are no different sites on that server. It’s yours only. You have full power over it. You likewise have “root” get to.

Individuals utilize committed servers since they have high traffic websites. Other hosting plans won’t have enough committed assets to have their website.

Ordinarily, you have to realize how to deal with a server on the off chance that you need a committed hosting plan. Else, you’re going to require also enlist a server chairman. Hosts will offer oversaw and unmanaged servers, as well.

Devoted plans are normally $100+/month. Some committed hosts that get great surveys on are:


Colocation Web Hosting

Colocation is the place you lease “rack space” from a server farm. Ordinarily, you supply the server equipment. The host will give the power, storeroom, and an uplink.

You are at risk for the server programming, hard drive, reinforcement framework, and so forth.
You are obligated to equipment disappointments. You should supplant the equipment in the event that it comes up short.

This is for the propelled specialized webmasters. Else, you’re going to need to utilize a shared, VPS, or committed hosting condition.

The value fluctuates for colocation administrations.

6 Effective Ways to Select The Best Web Hosting Company

September 10, 2019
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1.Determine all of your web hosting needs.

Choosing among the best web hosting companies in Malaysia can be challenging. There are plenty of web hosts out there that will claim to be reliable and reputable. One of the first things you must do is to know your specific hosting needs. What type of website are you creating? Set criteria, and then limit your search based on those.

2.Make sure they offer quality support.

At some point, you will encounter some problems with regards to your website. This is the reason why you need to know the level of technical support provided by a potential web host. Are they offering a refund policy? Inquire about disk space, bandwidth, number of subdomains and domains you can host, and the availability of a website builder.

3.Consider the language of the hosting service’s web pages.

If you don’t speak that much English, you must be able to change it to your preferred language at the control panel. Find this option at the “preferences” part.

4.Go through the web host’s FAQs section.

Check comments from customers who had encountered problems from your potential web host. If their issues were easily resolved, then chances are, the provider is highly reliable. In the FAQs section, you can also go through other details that might appear beneficial for you in the long run.

5.See to it that they are offering quality customer service.

A potential web hosting company must be able to attend to customers’ needs in no time. Do they have a live chat option? Check this can verify the effectiveness and speed of communication between the agency and customers.

6.erify the credibility of the potential web host.

Confirming the antiquity and integrity of the agency in the market. By reading web hosting reviews and other resources, you can ensure that the company you want to go for is highly reliable.

Pros of as a Website Builder

August 15, 2019
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Best WordPress hosting in MalaysiaWordPress is one of the most famous bits of software in the website space. WordPress controls over 25% of the Internet and is well known for its adaptability and usability. Its is so outstanding, that it’s normal for individuals with some website composition experience for the most part say “simply use WordPress” when alluding DIYers and specialists to website solution.

Simple Sign Up Process

One of’s greatest aces is that it is so natural to begin. To get your site going, you simply pursue a straightforward, 6-step process that incorporates making a record, filling in your site data, and affirming your email address.

If you’re searching for a basic, clear, and fast approach from having no site to having a site prepared to manufacture, then is an incredible decision.

Across the board Solution

Once more, is an across the board arrangement, which means all that you need — from hosting to domain registration to incorporations to plan choices is incorporated into the stage.

That implies everything just works —there’s no making sense of if this application or augmentation is perfect or is going to break your site. There’s no investigating or bolster needs outside of what they officially offer. Indeed, even things like investigation are incorporated with the stage.

You don’t have full control over the site functionalitys, since you don’t approach your facilitating. Regardless you don’t have direct access to your records or your database. So on the off chance that you need to do something in bulk or something super-specialized, at that point you are in a tight spot.

Customer Support has a strong information base and effectively open help. Truth be told, their assistance catch coasts in the base corner of the Dashboard, so you can see important aides and articles to help you regardless of where you are in your site.

You can likewise visit with another utilizing their “Reach us” catch on the coasting help area, giving you an extra choice on the off chance that you can’t discover the appropriate responses you’re searching for.

VPS Hosting 101

August 7, 2019
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Are you looking for the best website hosting service in Malaysia for your new blog? Creating and maintaining a blog is not easy. There are plenty of aspects to focus on, and one of them is quality web hosting. If you’re not yet sure which web hosting plan to get, you might want to consider VPS hosting.

What exactly is VPS?

VPS basically stands of virtual private server. Your website’s server is the computer utilized to host all your information. Any content that you want to load on the website should be uploaded on the computer, which also needs to be powerful enough to handle all traffic that will be drawn in.

Server Options

There are many types of servers, though this article would just focus on three–dedicated, VPS and shared server.

1.Shared Hosting Server

The web hosting agency that will host your website would place it on a computer server together with other web pages. This is typically regarded as starter server simply because it is the most affordable option, and makes it easy for people to update their web pages. The downside? If other websites encounter a big increase in traffic, it can slow your own website down. A spike on traffic can really cause website performance issues.

2.Dedicated Hosting Server

Choosing a dedicated hosting service means that you are paying for your web pages to be the only ones hosted on a server. This server is 100% yours, and you are not sharing the resources with another user. This is brilliant option for those people who want to gain full control of their web pages. It is also the priciest one.

3.Virtual Private Server

VPS is the middle ground between dedicated hosting and shared hosting. With VPS hosting, your website is still on a single server together with other websites. However, this service utilizes virtualization technology in order to break down the server into many mini-servers that work independently.

6 Helpful Tips For Selecting a Website Hosting Company

July 31, 2019
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1.Consider specialist web hosting companies.

Are you looking for top hosting websites in Malaysia? Make sure to do in-depth research first, before finalizing a deal with an agency. Some web hosting companies are still welcoming all kinds of business, though some have already niched down, focusing on working with brands through specific technologies and industries. Determine if your potential web host pays attention to a specific business size, and supports the exact needs of your business.

2.Test the waters before jumping.

Picking a website hosting company doesn’t need to be impulsive, and purely based on sales pitches. In some instances, agencies allow people to test their services. You can try this as well before taking the plunge.

3.Understand and evaluate all of your hosting needs.

Before going through a list of reputable web hosts, you need to know all of your needs and goals first. What do you want to achieve? If you want your online business to thrive in the digital landscape, know all the requirements associated with online businesses.

4.Check security measures.

Cybersecurity is a main concern for both large and small companies. In choosing a website host, you need to make sure that they have a good track record on security. They need to have protocols against cyberattacks.

5.Inspect the entire infrastructure.

The strength and state of the website host’s infrastructure is extremely important. According to professionals, it’s very easy to setup servers, and begin hosting websites for clients, but it’s hard to do it well. It all depends on infrastructure.

Web Site Hosting: Concept, Types, Advantages and Disadvantages

July 11, 2019
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Website Hosting is an administration that enables individuals or organizations to store their data, pictures, recordings or any substance through online frameworks being open by the best website hosting. The Site ordinarily is organizations that give space to store that substance on its servers and web association with this information to their clients.

Among the sorts of website hosting administrations are:

Shared Hosting

In this sort of administration, the server is shared among different organizations that contract the hosting administration, ie, is the division of the assets of a server over various customers.
Everyone has it is very own plate space and transmission capacity individual band, as per the hosting plan contract. The worth relies upon the space to be utilized, the assets accessible, site traffic, among different features.
The arrangement is suggested for the individuals who don’t have much traffic or are beginning a website. In this sort of hosting the principle, attractions are value, effortlessness of utilization and support, a standout amongst the most utilized by independent companies.

Prescribed for: Small sites with a low volume of solicitations.

Points of interest:

• Low cost:

the most reduced cost is one of the fundamental favorable circumstances of shared hosting.

• Ease of utilization:

easy to introduce and keep up the site through an arrangement of “snap and drag”, encouraging this procedure.

• Technical Support:

is ensured by most organizations that offer the administration of web hosting, aiding the goals of inquiries and issues with the website, server and setup prerequisites.

• Resources:

an accumulation of assets that can develop as the requests of the site.


• They ordinarily emerge when the site presents extensive increment in traffic volume because of asset dispute server with different customers of the organization that offers the administration.
• Inability to tweak the hosting administration.
• It is conceivable that the server is overpowered now and again, which can bring the site down.
• Sites with high-security prerequisites, for example, web-based business store with Visas in possess base, for instance, the framework isn’t shown.

VPS Hosting (Virtual Private Server)

A VPS or virtual private server is an innovation that is quickly developing in the web hosting industry.
A VPS is made by programming that segments/separate a physical server to make different virtual servers inside it, a procedure called virtualization of servers.
Prescribed for: medium Sites with the volume of gets to among medium and high.

Focal points:

• Improved execution and security than shared hosting.
• Cost-advantage, it might abstain from claim foundation, utilization of physical space.
• Reduction in the expense of securing and upkeep of gear.


• Customer is in charge of all establishment, upkeep, and security of VPS.
• If the client has no involvement in the subject, one can procure the management by the provider.

Committed Server Hosting

In this kind of hosting, rather than offering the server to different clients, the equipment is committed solely to the requirements of the contracting customer.
The customer isn’t obliged to share assets, giving an unrivaled degree of control, adaptability, and execution. You can pick your own working framework, introduce the applications themselves and join the security systems you best for your condition.
In any case, this is a situation that expects you to have a specific capacity to oversee and keep up a server. Not at all like shared hosting, devoted hosting isn’t prescribed for unpracticed clients.

Favorable circumstances:

• Zero danger of being hurt by different sites and
• Total self-governance over the hosting condition.


• High cost for an independent company.
• Requires some ability to oversee and keep up a server.

What is Web Hosting?

June 20, 2019
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When people talk about websites, they’re usually referring to specific web pages like Facebook, Google, Youtube, among many others. But, did you stop to think how a website is accessible using an internet browser?

For those of you who are curious, the reason why you are able to access your favorite websites is due to the fact that these web pages are hosted on a web server.

Top hosting companies usually have abled servers that provide a person who has a website the capability of showcasing their pages onto the world.

Today, I am going to talk about web hosting in general but before I do, I want to talk about websites first.

What is a Website?

A website can be classified into three types:

  • Documents or Pages-

a website can just be a collection of files and documents. For instance, if you click on a link that has the supposed document, it will automatically initiate the download sequence if you do so.

  • Web Application-

this is the most common type of website. Facebook, your email service, and even Google use this medium. A web application is simply the same as mobile apps, but the biggest difference is that it is accessed by using an internet browser as opposed to using a dedicated application.

  • Content Management Systems-

Another common type of website, content management systems acts pretty much as a collection of documents. If you read blog posts, for example, each page would individually be downloaded from the web server before it is shown to you.

How does a website function? Well, here is the process:

Your computer or mobile phone will try and send a request to retrieve the files on the website. That is by inputting the URL of the page and then hitting enter.

The web server will receive your request and would then highlight the files or documents that will be sent back to the one who did the request.

The content will then be shown on your browser’s screen.


Running a Website

For a person to be able to run a website, they would need two things: a computer and an internet connection. Technically, you can run your website on your own computer immediately, so long as you have a working connection.

However, if your website gains a lot of traction which would lead to more customers or people visiting your page, you will need far better resources.

For the most part, if you could afford a dedicated server computer (not cheap, by the way) and an internet connection that is able to handle an insanely huge number of requests at a time, then you could, potentially, run your own server.

But, in most cases, people just do not have the resources available, which is where a web hosting company is needed.

These companies have dedicated server computers and the necessary bandwidth to run multiple websites at a time.

They also have the capacity to manage everything that they hold so all you have to do is collaborate with them and pay a monthly/yearly fee.