7 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Web Host

April 2, 2020
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I’ve come across a lot of different web hosting providers and it is safe to say that only a few of them are able to deliver the services that they promise on their homepages.

You see, at the end of the day, a web host is basically just a company that provides web hosting services to the masses. Since it is a business entity, it also makes sure to use the most flowery words in the hopes of luring you into their services.

I’ve experienced a lot of web hosts that fall short on their promises and I can assure you that the experience is not something that you want for yourself.

That being said, I am here to help you by talking about the important factors to consider when choosing a web host.


As a website owner, you want to make sure that you protect your audience and customers from any online threats and that is why it is important that you go for a hosting company that implements only the best online security protocols out there.

Hostinger, for example, is a hosting company that uses networking monitoring processes and strict firewall rules to ensure that no abnormal traffic affects their clients’ websites.

Customer Service

Often overlooked by many, customer service is definitely worth considering. You might need it now, but you will definitely need it down the line, especially if you run into problems related to your web host’s server.

It is recommended that you go with a company, whose customer service hotline can be accessed 24/7.

Competitive Features

Since a web host is actually just a business entity, a good one would usually provide the most competitive features that their competition is not able to provide.

For example, there are web hosts that provide you with the best e-commerce tools over others, while some pride themselves in giving only the best page loading speeds on the market.

Of course, the best one for you, in this context, depends on whether the company is able to provide you with all of your needs or not.


One of the worst things that can happen to a website owner is having their own pages not be accessible to anyone. Every minute that your website is down could mean not only potential loss in profits but also a loss in your customer base as well.

Having said that, a good hosting company is one that is running reliable servers that never go down abruptly (other than a scheduled maintenance, that is).

Control Panel

As a website owner, you should be able to install scripts, manage your content, and so much more. For you to do this, your hosting provider will give you a website control panel as part of their service. Of course, they should only give you the best and easiest to control and that is why going for a company that servers Plesk or cPanel is preferred.


Anything that works on hardware has a chance to fail at some point and servers are technically just high-end computers that could potentially fail at any time.

That being said, a good web hosting provider is one that does regular backups to ensure that even if their servers go down, they still have backups of their clients’ websites that they could easily restore.


As your website grows, so should your hosting company’s services.