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4 Tips For Navigating A Buffet

March 1, 2019
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Always Have A Game Plan When Going For A Buffet

I used to eat a lot of food, especially when I’m at an all-you-can-eat buffet or at someone’s house party. Although I didn’t see it as a problem at that time, I gained a lot of weight by eating copious amounts of food.

Then, one documentary I watched on the television changed my perception of food. I will never forget what the doctor said, “you have to decide whether you eat to live or live to eat”. That stunned me for a moment and after that, I decided to change my ways.

And no, this is not to say that I do not go to eat-all-you-can restaurants anymore or attend some parties. This is to say that you have to be more mindful of what you consume and controlling the portion sizes as well.

So if you do have the same struggles as I once had, then here are some tips to help you navigate a buffet.

Always Check Before You Eat

What usually happens in a buffet is that you are presented with a lot of different food that is placed in containers, plates, and bowls. Before getting some and putting them on your plate, you have to inspect them first.

For the most part, the food that is presented have actually been there for some time and if the food is cold, you may want to look for something else.

You see, once that happens, it is usually an indication that it has been out for a while and that bacteria might have landed on it as well (something that you do not want to get from the food that you eat).

Be Strategic

I used to get one of those really big plates because I want to stuff as much food as possible in every sitting. However, this is problematic because you might end up getting more food than you need to.

I suggest that you get a smaller plate and then survey the area first to see which foods you really like to eat and then get them once that is done.

Indulge A Little Bit

I am always a sucker for desserts. I always followed the mantra, “there is always room for dessert”. But, I know that these delightful treats can actually be harmful to your body as sweet foods, as everyone knows, would increase your weight by lot especially if it is consumed in copious amounts, and I have found that in controlling my impulse towards food such as this, it has helped in managing my body weight, which has helped in other areas of my life. Losing weight is a great self-esteem booster mentally, spiritually and especially physically. Studies have shown that one of the most prevalent issues with being overweight, for men at least, is not being able to last longer in bed. This is a huge deal amongst men and one of the best ways to stop this from happening is by losing weight, so start managing your food intake, men.

After you’re done finishing the main meal, it is actually okay to indulge a little bit on some desserts. But, the best approach here would be to get just a small portion of the dessert.

Suppose that you’re used to getting two slices of cake, cut it back by one slice or better yet, just get half a slice. The same principle applies to the other desserts as well.

Positioning is Key

You want to be situated in a place where you’re far away from the buffet table so that it will discourage you from getting back way too often. If that is not possible, probably because the restaurant is full, just do not look at the buffet table and sit somewhere that makes that possible.

7 eCommerce Case Studies You Need To Learn From

January 15, 2019
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Learning From The eCommerce Case Studies

You’ve heard it previously – dependably be trying.

Be that as it may, on the off chance that you’re maintaining an eCommerce business, the errands of examining your site information and distinguishing spills in the channel normally get pushed to the base of your plan for the day. Let’s be honest, you have 97 different matters you SHOULD be done today.

So in view of that, we’ve collect all the accompanying 7 genuine world eCommerce exercises to enable you to get directly to the point in executing some straightforward answers for increment your online deals.

[eCommerce contextual investigation #1] Accomplished 40% more changes by following up to

A typical eCommerce issue is prospects leaving the website page, simply before  finishing their request. As purchasers, previously we’ve all done it.

So the group at needed to check whether they could “revive the fire” and land a few deals from the hot leads utilizing target follow ups. These are guests who made a record by putting a thing in their shopping basket, so we can observe some genuine aim to buy at some phase along the process.

The group were sure that sending focused on follow-up messages by and large brought about deals yet didn’t know on the best time span in submitting them. So they tried to send the email at two substitute time slips post truck relinquishment; the main gathering sent the next morning at 11 a.m. what’s more, the second gathering 48 hours after the truck surrender.

The messages sent at 11 a.m. the next day conveyed:

  •    an open click rate of 38.63%
  •    an active visitor clicking percentage of 19.54% and
  •    a change rate to clearance of 27.66%

The messages sent following 48 hours conveyed:

  •    an open click rate of 38.01%
  •    an active visitor clicking percentage of 24.71% and
  •    a change rate of 40.00%

In spite of the fact that sending these messages on the next day post truck surrender had a marginally higher amount of open rate, the most vital figure, change to deal was essentially lower.

7 eCommerce Case Studies You Need To Learn From

Bring home message #1

Send a subsequent email to individuals who forsake their trucks, in case you’re not as of now doing it. In spite of the fact that discover that 48 hours later can be considered as one of the best performing time, an alternate rhythm and time slack might have been work better with the client base, so try out numerous choices

[eCommerce case study#2] Edible Arrangements supported same-day deals by 8% with one basic informing change

Palatable Arrangements had a genuinely regular showcasing obstacle. They offer clients an equivalent day conveyance alternative (and have performed it for quite a long time) yet individuals weren’t exploiting the offer since they didn’t think about that matter.

To teach clients about this choice they altogether expanded perceivability with a vast pennant in a greatly conspicuous location on the landing page, just underneath the route bar. This made criticalness around the offers, specifically by highlighting a commencement clock to the due date on the same day of conveyance. It was difficult to let it go or misjudge.

The aftereffect of this basic commencement highlight? An expansion on the same day deals by 8%!

Bring home message #2

You needn’t bother with another item to advance something. Individuals probably won’t think about an item or administration you as of now have to involve, so by expanding perceivability to your current group of onlookers, you might have the capacity to gobble up some speedy successes. Besides, on the specific precedent, making some desperation is dependably a decent deals technique. Urge your gathering of people to act now, rather than later (or never).

[eCommerce contextual investigation #3] Streamlined the Company Folders statement page to expand transformation by 68%

Organization Folders is a setup business yet had a site that their CEO conceded was “clearly a year ago”, which is putting it tenderly.

The fundamental issue they needed to cure was their online statement work. This is an indispensable advance in their promoting pipe, so making the procedure as smooth as conceivable was basic to eventually driving more deals for the business.

This sounds a basic errand yet with more than 15 million item blends, the current citing framework was exceedingly intricate. Moreover, there was a high rate of prospect on dropping out from the shape incompletely finished.

Naturally, they expected that getting the shape onto a solitary page would help get prospects through the procedure, however subsequent to studying their best clients, they understood that an upgrade was fundamental.

They made a bulky single stride process with heaps of alternatives and split it up into a multi-step nibble measure process (presented underneath). Doing this brought about an incredible 67.68% expansion in absolute statements.

Bring home message #3

Separating a confounded framework into reasonable littler advances can enable keep to individuals centered and increment change. In spite of the fact that extra snaps can frequently be viewed as new chances to lose clients, the Company Folders encounter discloses to us on the shorter ventured frames of streamlining is the best approach at the present time.

[eCommerce contextual analysis #4] dumped social catches to support deals by 12% became involved with the pattern towards social evidence, with “Like” and “Offer” symbols on their item pages. In any case, they saw uncommonly low transformations on pages with those social sharing catches.

To test what was happening they made two variations of a similar page with and without the social offer symbols.They expected that by de-jumbling the page, it would keep clients concentrated on the job needing to be done – looking at.

The outcomes? Pages without social offer symbols saw an enhanced “add to truck” navigate by 12%.

Bring home message #4

Because every other person is doing it doesn’t make it right. Continuously placed yourself in the attitude of your client, and keep them concentrated on the fundamental undertaking you need them to finish. Clean up pages with pointless activities to concentrate on making the deal.

[eCommerce contextual analysis #5] Express Watches discussed value versus validness… With stunning outcomes!

This is a great issue for online stores; Do you brag the least cost or the most genuine items?

7 eCommerce Case Studies You Need To Learn FromThe group at Express Watches were discussing whether to impart a ‘most minimal value ensure’ versus a stamp of genuineness on their site. They tried variations with both, each recounting an alternate tale about the demographic: deal seekers versus devotees. The outcomes were really astonishing.

By naming the website with the identification of genuineness, Express Watches saw an expansion in online offers of 107%. An enormous differential from the cost based informing, basically from a little seal of genuineness.

Bring home message #5

You may think you realize what your crowd needs, however trying out some other offer could amaze you.

[eCommerce contextual analysis #6] Underwater Audio expelled graphs to knock deals by 41%

Submerged Audio had an issue with guests who were amidst their business pipe, inquiring about explicit items however then decreasing at the page of correlation. When they saw this hole they chose to get to its base.

At first look of the old and new forms of the page , they don’t look excessively changed, however, the unseen details are the main problem.

The first one was more jumbled with the table organizing separating the stream of data. To test what the issue was, they overhauled the examination page to make it less difficult and progressively streamlined.

The new form got rid of the streamlined the content, put everything over the overlay and information tables. The outcome? The updated page had an expansion in online offers of 40.81%.

Bring home message #6

To cite Occam’s Razor, “the most straightforward arrangement is regularly the best” and the less complex stream worked ponders for Underwater Audio. Discover pages in your pipeline where clients are dropping off and perceive how you can improve them to center your clients.

[eCommerce contextual analysis #7] Paperstone took out their opposition with a straightforward correlation table

Paperstone is a little paper organization that rivals extensive brand enormous box stores like Viking and Staples. With the vast majority defaulting to the brands they know best, Paperstone expected to figure out how to use their qualities against the opposition; bring down costs.

As opposed to paying as much as possible to go after publicizing consideration, they essentially incorporated a correlation table on the landing page demonstrating their value opposite that of their rivals.

This basic table expanded online deals by 10.67%! Simply consider how much income that would have the mean for the business, without running any new advancement or crusade.

Bring home message #7

Evaluate your opposition and distinguish your qualities. At that point grandstand, these against your rivals’ shortcomings to make your business resemble the conspicuous decision when thought about.

3 Ways to Reach More Customers with Social Media this Holiday Season

November 29, 2018
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Achieving your clients or contributors — especially through social media — is vital to driving your year-end and occasion objectives. Be that as it may, with lessening natural reach on social marketing stages like Facebook and Twitter, how might you get before more clients this Christmas season?

Here are three hints that don’t take excessive time yet can highly affect your social media reach throughout the following couple of months.

 Make a Facebook occasion

Regardless of whether you don’t have an “uncommon” occasion booked around the Christmas season, you ought to utilize the occasions usefulness on Facebook for things like a deal, for instance.


Since when you make an occasion on Facebook, the stage constantly reminds your clients, in their notice focus, that your occasion is up and coming, expanding the odds they’ll take part when the time comes.

Significantly more important, it demonstrates their companions and individuals in your general region that your occasion is going on as well, and springs up in their notice focuses — along these lines extensively expanding your natural reach!

And you don’t need a paid, ticketed occasion to utilize this element.

Have a deal coming up? Make an occasion.

Need to help individuals to think to remember your business on Small Business Saturday? Make an occasion.

Think about the occasion’s logbook like an all the more amazing News Feed and post content to the occasion posting as well.

2. Utilize area labeling and propelled seek usefulness

On Twitter, area matters. As an entrepreneur, you can use Twitter’s longing to be a “nearby” stage by utilizing a portion of its area-based highlights further bolstering your advantage.

First, when you’re posting another tweet, make a point to flip on the area setting (it would appear that a guide stick) and check the area of your business.

This usefulness causes individuals seeking adjacent to find your content all the more promptly.When you need to discover potential clients, you can utilize Twitter’s progressed search instead. Set an area (maybe your town or state), at that point include any catchphrases individuals may use about items or administrations you offer, and bingo: you’ll see the tweets of individuals close you that might be keen on your business.

For instance, in the event that you claim a pizzeria in Washington, D.C., you could run a scan for “need pizza” close to the city.

And simply like pizza topping alternatives, the potential outcomes with this apparatus are interminable.

3. Utilize hashtags

It might amaze you, however, I’m not the greatest devotee of hashtags. They have incredible utilization; however, I get miserable when individuals don’t realize how best to utilize them or utilize them unnecessarily in each post.

Be that as it may, occasions like #Thanksgiving, #BlackFriday, #ShopSmall, #CyberMonday, and #GivingTuesday are perfect occasions to utilize hashtags in your posts. Your potential clients, contributors, or participants are tapping on hashtags they see in different posts, driving them ideally to locate your content.

So, make a point to incorporate those #hashtags in your vacation duplicate (especially on Twitter!)

Helpful Benefits of Having Mobile Applications

November 22, 2018
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The internet has started crawling into our lives and homes over a decade. A lot of benefits for every businesses and in every individual’s life based on the thoughts of mobile app development company. The term mobile initially was first utilized around 8-years prior, alluding then to planning sites for mobile devices first, and adjusting then for work areas. Presently it every now and again implies additionally propelling a mobile application to your site. Maybe the main purpose behind entrepreneurs holding out without anyone else mobile application is an absence of lucidity on the why-what’s – for what reason would it be advisable for me to dispatch an application, and what are the advantages?

Market Directly towards your customers.

This is the single greatest advantage of having a mobile application – the capacity to showcase specifically to your clients.   The capacity to advertise straightforwardly to your clients benefits all organizations, whether of you offer the capacity to shop on the web or not. It stretches out from having the capacity to send focused on pop-up messages to individuals with your application introduced, having the capacity to show unique offers inside your application each time a client opens it. Also, in all occurrences you realize you are contacting individuals who are as of now clients, or have communicated firm intrigue just by introducing your application. There’s next to no requirement for a shower and-implore way to deal with showcasing when you have your own application.

Brand Awareness.

Brand mindfulness is a forerunner to a large group of different advantages, including:

  1. Trust. The more mindful clients are of your brand procedures, and qualities, the more prominent their trust in you.
  2. Loyalty. Clients have associations with brands, not items.
  3. Differences. Effectively boosting your brand awareness implies you are likewise ready to really separate yourself from your rivals.
  4. Promoting spend. Brand is a best advertising objective for most organizations since it enables them to move showcasing needs, and generally speaking spend.

Customer Engagement.

Mobile phones have made us begin to look all starry eyed at informing; despite the fact that they are prepared to do such a great amount of, a large number of us invest more energy sending messages by means of our telephones than making real calls. Normally, this implies you have to guarantee you have somebody to react to any talk questions, yet even in an exclusive task this shouldn’t be excessively problems. The more badly arranged it is to work with somebody, the more probable we are to go elsewhere.

Scheduling and Reminders.

Restorative Centers, salons, eateries, and settlement suppliers all rely upon clients making arrangements, and recollecting that them. Also, in spite of the fact that a booking framework can without much of a stretch be joined in your site, it’s significantly less demanding for clients to do this through mobile application. It is the capacity for them to either reschedule or drop in the event that they are not any more ready to make it. Some mobile phone clients are hesitant to empower push warnings from applications, yet with an in-application booking framework you give clients a firm motivation to permit them. Which additionally gives you access to a portion of that immediate advertising capacity I talked about before.


There are a lot more ways a mobile application can profit your business. You don’t need an online store to profit by a portable application, and it doesn’t generally make a difference whether your client base is constrained to a particular land area. In the event that your clients have a cell phone, your business ought to be on it.

New Study on Stem Cell Poliferation

November 19, 2018
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New Study Suggests Stem Cell Proliferation is Controlled by the Nervous System

Adult stem cells, also known as Somatic stem cells, are workhorses that build and regenerate broken or damaged tissue.

A major example of this is the stem cell. People who receive a blast of chemotherapy and radiation therapies will kill their bone marrow in the process. They are then transplanted with the stem cells from the patient’s bone marrow (or from a donor) and it will regenerate the lost cells that were killed during the procedure.

New Study on Stem Cell PoliferationThe problem with adult stem cells is that it doesn’t share the same characteristic to that of the embryonic stem cells. I am talking about the latter’s ability to proliferate at a level that is required by the body to initiate the repair and healing process.

However, a new study suggests that somatic stem cell proliferation is actually affected by our Autonomous Nervous System or ANS. The study’s findings gave an interesting notion that the ANS may directly or indirectly affect the division of adult stem cells in our bodies.

Autonomic Nervous System

There are two major nervous systems in our bodies: The Central Nervous System which is in charge of the control of the different organs and parts of our body and the Autonomic Nervous system is largely responsible for the finer functions of our organs such as the respiratory system, the digestive system, among others.

It has been said that the autonomous nervous system links the brain to the different organs in our bodies and in each connection, there are neurons that are ready to act whenever we need to do certain movements and bodily functions.

Although it controls deliberate movement, it also controls our automatic movements as well. Examples of this are our breathing, digestion, and blood flow.

Whenever our system is required to move, the neurons that are present in our bodies give off chemicals known as the Neurotransmitters. According to the study, these neurotransmitters might have a direct or indirect connection to certain cells in the body, this, including the somatic stem cells.

Neurotransmitters’ Potential for Stem Cell Proliferation

New Study on Stem Cell PoliferationThe study was spearheaded by Dr. Elizabeth Davis and co-authored by Dr. Megan Dailey. According to Davis in their previously published study, they’ve hypothesized that some neurotransmitters might be responsible for the proliferation of the stem cells in the body.

Two of the neurotransmitters that they’ve used were the Norepinephrine and the Acetylcholine.

For those of you who do not know, the Norepinephrine is responsible for the fight or flight response and the Acetylcholine is mainly responsible for the rest and digest mechanisms in our body.

What they did was they’ve focused their attention on the intestinal lining of mice and they found out that the neurotransmitters, albeit not directly related to cell proliferation, might have indirectly triggered the mechanism that produced more stem cells in that region of the mice’s body. They’ve then postulated that it was indeed the neurotransmitters that did this possibly with the help of other factors.

This presents an exciting dynamic since scientists can follow their research and focus more on the neurotransmitters and their link to stem cell proliferation.

If this puzzle is solved, we might have the opportunity to use stem cells without the ethical implications of using embryonic stem cells for research and testing.

7 Simple Tips to Promote Your Event Effectively

October 30, 2018
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Event planning is in itself a time-consuming, challenging task. But what about promoting the occasion? You need an efficient strategy to be able to spread the word to people who can be your potential guests and customers. How can you make sure that your occasion will be both successful and profitable?

Below are some tips by big event management companies you should keep in mind.

1. Incorporate plenty of links to your posts.

Social media is the one of the best avenues to promote your special occasion. No matter how big or small your event is, you should implement a social media strategy that will help you spread the word about it. Choose the right platform, and make sure to communicate the message in an efficient and timely manner.

2. Produce at least a single print ad.

At this day and age, the digital landscape is the way to go when promoting an event, product or service. However, don’t single out print media just yet. Remember that there is always high traffic in social media, so there is still a chance that many people will not see your posts. Print ads is still an effective approach to reach a particular target market.

3. Direct mail can be an effective promotion strategy, if done right.

Have you considered including direct mail in your event promotion strategy? If you really want to reach out to your target audience, this can definitely get the message across. It can be a bit expensive, but it is more personalized. Make sure to add a call to action, and trackable link so you can monitor the event registration outcome.

4. Make it personal.

The best event invitation is the most personalized and unique one. If you really want to boost your event’s attendance, see to it that your invite is captivating and exclusive. There should be a one-of-a-kind vibe that your audience wouldn’t want to miss.

5. Discuss all promotion options with your client.

Maintain a good relationship with your clients by communicating well. When it comes to promotion, it’s best to discuss all the possibilities. Give them all possible options, as much as possible. You and your client must always be on the same page.

6. Know and understand your audience.

This is the key to success and establishing good relationships. If you know and understand your audience, you can mount your event based on their likes and interests. Why don’t you post surveys and simple questions on social media? Read the answers of your followers, and use this as a guide for your upcoming events.

7. Keep your messages simple.

Your target market is composed of busy people. Everything you write on invitations, whether print or online, should be straight to the point. Keep in short and sweet, and consistent across all platforms.

4 Must-Do Event Planning Social Media Tips

October 24, 2018
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What do people usually do nowadays, especially if they’re going to an event? They usually share their plans on social media and they also talk about the things that happened after the event as well.

Therefore, it is part of your job as an professional event planner to make sure that your guests and attendees will start posting about the occasion onto their social media accounts to help you gain more coverage.
Here are some must-do tips for you to follow when planning an event:

1. It Starts with the Marketing

In the past, I’ve had a number of events that really didn’t have a lot of attendees. It turns out that my marketing efforts were just not enough because I really did not pay a lot of attention to it.

As soon as I started focusing on my marketing campaign, all of the events thereafter have become quite successful and loud. Marketing is a promotional tool that event planners should always use to make sure that the event is going to be jam-packed with a lot of guests.

One tip I can give you is that you need to create these “personas” or simply put, you have to create a character that represents the typical audience you want to attract to the event.

After making such, you will then ask questions like, “what will entice me to join in?” and “is it going to be fun?” Structure some questions around those themes and you can better come up with a marketing campaign.

2. Make Sure It is Easy to Share

So, you’ve started marketing the event. You’ve posted it on your own website as well as your other social media accounts. If you have shared the event and posted it on most of the platforms, you have to make it a point that it can be easily shared by the public.

Suppose that you’ve posted about the event on Facebook, make the post go public so that it can easily be shared with the attendees’ peers. Also, it would be best that you market the occasion to as many popular social media sites as possible.

3. Keep Them Engaged During the Event

People will not hesitate to share their experience, especially if they’re having fun. Plan some activities ahead that will encourage customer engagement.

Have a dance party afterward or perhaps some form of entertainment and people will instantly snap a photo or a couple of them and post it on their social media accounts. Don’t forget to leverage the power of hashtags since it can really help boost the popularity of your event.

4. Don’t Forget to Follow Up Afterward

Once the event is over, your job is actually not done yet. You then have to follow up on your guests by sending out some short survey forms for them to answer.

Ask them questions about the event- if they enjoyed it, what could have been improved, and what
they would like to see in the next similar occasion.

Knowing about what they want will really help you in your future events, so be sure to follow up with them afterward.


Social media is a powerful platform that event organizers should leverage. Making the event as memorable as possible will help its popularity since attendees will surely share their wonderful experience on the platform.

How to Read Basic Poker Tells

October 16, 2018
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How to Play Poker: Read Basic Poker Tells

Do you love playing poker? Have you ever wondered how you can level up your game especially on sky777? Are you thinking of reading your opponent’s minds? One of the traits that you should develop to be an efficient poker player is to read the opponents at the same table.

This is recognized as poker tells. A “tell” is a physical, habit or behavior giving all the other players details about your current hand. In this case, you should also watch your own body language and behavior.

Do you want to read other players’ tells accurately? If you can, then you will be able to make correct decisions precisely, and eventually win more cash.

Remember that every player has distinct, unique tells. It would be great to watch people exercise their amazing tells. The next time you go to the casino, watch out for some common and involuntary tells of the different people right next you.

The basic rule:

  • If a certain player acts strong, most probably, he is weak.
  • If someone acts weak, then maybe he really has a strong, competitive hand.

Poker Tells: The Player Has a Good Hand

1. When a player acts uninterested to a hand…

Typically, this is a sign of a strong, competitive hand. He is just pretending that he is not delighted about his cards, but in truth, he is.

2. When a player is rapidly breathing…

Some of your opponents can control shakes. However, it is hard to manage the excitement that comes with pocket aces or hitting the flop hard. If his chest is clearly falling and rising, then surely, they have a brilliant hand.

3. When a player glances at the chips after checking hole cards…

Once a player sees strong pocket cards or holes, he may glance at his chips to figure out the amount of his bet.

4. When a player shakes hands…

What if a player’s hands are shaking while placing a bet? Then, she must have an excellent hand.

5. When a player is shrugging or sighing…

When someone is continuously shrugging and sighing, then there is a possibility that he is just overreacting. He is just trying to hide his brilliant hand.

Poker Tells: The Player Has a Weak Hand

1. When a player holds his breath…

Most inexperienced players choose to hold their breath when they are bluffing.

2. When a player stares down…

When an opponent is staring someone down, he is trying to show strength. Typically, this person has a weak hand.

Poker Tells: The Player Has a Drawing Hand

1. When a player takes a long time prior to calling a bet…

If it seems like the player is calculating something, then maybe, he really is. Most probably, he is figuring out the pot odds. He is checking if it is worth it to catch the cards he badly needs to equip his drawing hand.

2. When a player checks hole cards right after a flop…

Does the flop display possibilities of giving a person a straight or flush? If yes, then watch for players re-checking their own hole cards.

Final reminder

A lot of experienced poker players will surely give false tells.

8 Things You Should Know About A Tummy Tuck

October 8, 2018
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8 Important Facts You Should Know Before Undergoing a Tummy Tuck Procedure

Are you planning to undergo a tummy tuck procedure? Whether you want to get rid of your post-pregnancy stomach or just simply remove belly bulges, you can definitely trust this procedure to help you regain your lost confidence.

If you’re thinking that tummy tuck surgery is only for the famous and the rich, well, you’re wrong. This procedure is becoming more and more famous, and more patients are trying it since the 1990s. In fact, it is the 3rd most common cosmetic procedure done in 2015, with around 180,000 surgeries done in the United States.

Here are 8 helpful points that should know before finalizing your appointment.

1. Choose an experienced plastic surgeon.

Looking for a qualified plastic surgeon is not easy. You should know that a physician may claim to be certified by a specific board that is not acknowledged by ABMS (American Board of Medical Specialties). Any licensed doctor, let’s say a gynecologist or pediatrician, can provide cosmetic procedures. Make sure that the plastic surgeon you’re going to choose is certified by the ABMS. It pays to have meticulous research skills.

2. Your cosmetic surgeon might recommend liposuction, along with tummy tuck.

This is more than just a usual upsell. Liposuction helps in sculpting the patient’s love handle area, and waist. Remember, when your upper abdomen gets pulled down, unnatural hip bulges may develop. Because of this, most surgeons utilize liposuction to contour and reshape this particular area.

Take note: liposuction is completely different procedure, meaning it has added risks, costs, and healing and recovery factors.

3. This procedure would not make you lose weight.

It’s true that some patients lost a few pounds after undergoing tummy tuck. However, it should be performed if the person already achieved his or her goal weight.

Tummy tuck is not a weight loss treatment. It is a contouring procedure. Moreover, it can’t address stretch marks. It can’t take away stretch marks, but if they are part of the lower extra skin, it can be moved and removed.

4. Scars may develop after the procedure.

The scar location and size will highly depend on the type of abdominoplasty that will be performed.

What if a traditional tummy tuck was performed? Scars will appear from hip to hip. Most doctors will ensure that they will be hidden under your bikini line. A scar may also appear at belly button.

All patients who will undergo this procedure after a massive weight loss should expect a big, T-shaped scar around the abdomen.

5. Your insurance will not cover it.

Since tummy tuck is regarded a cosmetic procedure, then, it will not be covered by your insurance.

However, let’s say you need to have a hernia repaired, or it needs to be performed to address another medical issue, some insurances may cover a fraction of it.

6. You won’t be able to bend over on the first few days or weeks following the surgery.

This is just one of the results of excess skin removal and stomach muscle tightening. You will experience this for a few days, and can have a couple of consequences:

  • Your lower back muscles can give up on around day 3. There will be massive back spasms and pains.
  • You wouldn’t be able to reach anything that is above your eye level.

This can also impact your sleeping position. Sleeping on a recliner or a couch with plenty of pillows will help you a lot until you can lie down normally during the second week.

7. You will definitely need someone to care for you at home.

Tummy tucks are outpatient surgeries, but that doesn’t mean a fast healing and recovery period. It will take a few weeks before you can resume to your usual activities.

As much as possible, ask someone to help you around at home. Since you wouldn’t be able to stand up, sit up, or grab anything of great distance, it’s best to have someone who can assist you for a few weeks.

8. Tummy tuck benefits extend beyond the grounds of cosmetics.

Tummy tuck doesn’t only remove loose fats and skin. According to some studies, it can address more medical issues such as urinary incontinence. It can positively impact your body’s core, and help prevent bloating and back pains. Most importantly, it can help patients regain their lost confidence.