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Here Are the Foods that Men Should Eat to Last Longer in Bed

February 28, 2020
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Sex therapists agree that how you feel physically and emotionally can impact how you last longer in bed. And, one of the many pleasures in life can actually stem from eating the right foods.

Sure, there are some foods that bring pleasure, but there are also some that are considered to be the best foods for men’s virility.
Today, I am going to tell you which of the foods out there are great when it comes to helping men last longer in bed.


In Ayurvedic medicine, the foods or ingredients that look like sex organs are implied to work wonders for people, sexually speaking. That means that fruits like bananas can provide amazing effects to people who eat it and that is actually true (proven by science).

For quite a long time, bananas have been deemed to look like penises and that is why the porn industry never ceases to use the said fruit as props for some scenes.

But, bananas actually improve your sexual endurance in a lot of ways. First, it contains potassium which helps lower blood pressure. Lower blood pressure means that you get better in bed simply because you will not experience any nagging feeling on the back of your head.

Aside from that, potassium is also known to help reduce inflammation and it is quite helpful for people who suffer from erectile dysfunction. Inflammation is one of the leading causes of why some blood vessels get restricted, thus reducing blood flow to the penis (which will result in ED).

Another reason why bananas can help you last longer in bed is thanks to its carbohydrate content. Carbohydrates are converted into glucose by our bodies which is the main energy currency our body uses to move.

Red Grape

Have you ever noticed that after you drink a glass or two of wine that you are able to maintain an erection for a much longer time? Well, that has something to do with its base ingredient- red grapes.

Red grapes are deemed to be nature’s ‘Viagra’ simply because it contains boron- an element that can help promote testosterone production in men.

Aside from drinking two glasses of red wine, you can opt to eat the whole fruit instead.

Spicy Foods

Spicy foods, particularly those that contain chili, are great for improving one’s sex drive and that has something to do with its main active ingredient- capsaicin.

Capsaicin is responsible for improving your metabolism, but more importantly, it is also found to help dilate the blood vessels, thus improving blood flow to the different areas of the body.


Meat like grass-fed beef and chicken are always great for the body for a number of different things. They are rich in protein which can help promote muscle building and repair. It contains amino acids that promote sexual function, specifically l-arginine. Plus, they are loaded with B-vitamins that can help improve your energy overall.

But, what about vegetarians? Well, the good thing is eating nuts and whole grains can also provide a similar effect as they, too, contain amino acids (and some protein of course).

5 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs

February 27, 2020
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1. Amazon Associates

In the event that you have browsed through Amazon’s lists, then you realize that they have an immense collection of items in their arsenal. Whether you have a lifestyle, style, technology, or nourishment blog, there are constantly suitable items that you can promote.

Additionally, their Amazon Bounty Program will give you commission for every guest that pursues their free preliminary.

How hard is it to get started? The process is direct – simply navigate to the Amazon Associates homepage, click “Join Now for Free,” and round out the data about your site, blog, or mobile application.

There’s a section where you have to enter a few details – what sort of item you need to promote, where you get traffic from, and some others.

When you wrap setting up your profile, trust that 24 hours will get verified, and you’re good to go!

How rapidly would you be able to begin earning? Each item category has its own fixed price. Thus, on the off chance that you wish to maximize your earnings, pick the highest-paying niche for your blog (the highest commission rate is 10% for extravagance beauty, design, and Amazon Coins). Additionally, as far as possible for direct transfer is $10 and for the checks is $100.

You’ll likewise get a commission if your guests purchase other items. For example, in case you’re advancing a gaming console, and the user taps on your affiliate connect, purchasing the gaming console, then decides to purchase a headset, you’ll likewise get a commission for the headset sale!

2. Hosting Affiliates

In case you’re searching for an affiliate marketing program with high commissions, look no further than our own! It’s perfect for any site or blog that has a technology-related niche.

Every hosting purchase that comes from your affiliate connection will give you a 60% commission, and there’s no restriction. Setting up is likewise very easy. You should simply join and fill in your data, then trust that 24 hours will get verified.

You will get a dedicated affiliate control panel where you can manage, optimize, and screen your battles. Marketing materials like banners for a wide range of websites will also be provided.

How rapidly would you be able to begin earning? For example, if your guests purchase our premium shared hosting biennial package ($85.67) and not canceling the service in 30 days, you’ll get a 60% commission, which will be $51.40. You’ll receive payment once your balance reaches $100 – just two sales needed!

3. ShareASale Affiliates

In the event that you extravagant another affiliate marketing program with a huge collection of items, ShareASale Affiliates is your answer!

ShareASale is like a marketplace – they cater to the two merchants and promoters alike. With more than 3,900 merchants, on-time payments, and responsive help, no wonder ShareASale is among the rundown of most reliable best affiliate products programs.

How hard is it to get started? To join, you have to experience five simple steps. Start by registering your username and secret word, then fill in your website’s data, enter your email, contact details, and choose a payment method – direct bank deposit or check. Then, hold up one business day until your application is validated.

How rapidly would you be able to begin earning? ShareASale has a lower threshold limit than the previously mentioned programs – just $50. Keep at the top of the priority list that different payment methods additionally assume a role in how quickly you’ll receive your earnings.

International exchanges take 4-6 weeks before your check is sent by means of mail, 1-3 business weeks through FedEx, and just 3-6 business days on the off chance that you choose direct deposit.

4. Shopify Affiliates

Shopify is one of the largest eCommerce stages with wonderful features. From generating a business name, creating logos, to developing an online store application, they make sure to offer answers for every entrepreneurs’ problem.

By persuading your guests to use their foundation, you will be rewarded handsomely by Shopify.

How hard is it to get started? To begin with, you should create a Shopify Partners account which requires data about your website, how you would promote Shopify, and whether you have experience in computerized marketing. After that, trust that two business days will get verified.

How rapidly would you be able to begin earning? In general, they have two sorts of plans you can refer your audience to – standard and Shopify Plus. For each sale of a standard arrangement, you’ll earn $58. Concerning Shopify Plus, you’ll get $2,000 for each sale! Keep as a main priority that Shopify Plus is a service meant for an online enterprise store – it costs a fortune. Along these lines, it may be a hard sell.

5. ThirstyAffiliates

ThirstyAffiliates is a free WordPress module that can help bloggers manage their affiliate joins. It’s a great item to promote – why not recommend the instrument that can rearrange the affiliate marketing movement? Utilizing this module, you can shroud affiliate joins, protect them from theft, and include those connections into your articles in a split second.

How hard is it to get started? Put in your fundamental data in the information exchange structure, check your email for a username and secret key, and sign in to access the affiliate dashboard. In the Links and Images tab, you can get your affiliate connection and banners.

How rapidly would you be able to begin earning? You can increase a 30% commission for every sale you send their direction. Their most affordable item is the one-site license ($49), which gives you $14,9 for each sale. What’s even cooler, they have no payout limit!

Playing Online Casinos with Real Money

February 11, 2020
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Versatile Casino

In spite of the fact that numerous versatile casino games are accessible for nothing, the greatest draw of those games is to bet on them. Like with the physical casinos in places like Las Vegas and Macau, individuals, for the most part, need to play casino games for the opportunity to win cash in any event, realizing that there is a decent possibility of losing it.

Numerous individuals are mindful of saving cash into an online casino account, yet it is very sheltered whenever done on a legitimate online casino. With present-day innovation, keeping assets to the best live casino account is similarly as protected as leading online exchange with your bank.

The two substances utilize modern encryption software to secure your data and guarantee that the assets are secure. On the off chance that that, despite everything, isn’t sufficient to fulfill you, you can utilize the money to buy a prepaid card and afterward utilize that card to make the store.
Finding the correct casino to play at can be troublesome. There are acceptable indexes and look at locales that you can visit online where they will show the absolute best casinos accessible today.

The casino index has a posting of online casinos that are regarded safe, are authorized and managed by decent specialists, and have a decent determination of games, rewards, and competitions.
Rewards and competitions are significant things to use to further your potential benefit when playing at online casinos for genuine cash. Rewards regularly come as a match of your store, and it gives you additional cash to bet.

Casino Credits

The competitions permit you to enter for a little purchase in and afterward play utilizing the casino’s credits for an opportunity to win prizes. Make certain to peruse the entirety of the standards, terms, and conditions for rewards and competitions to ensure it is a decent arrangement before playing.

How to Safely Test Your Watch’s Water-Resistance at Home?

February 10, 2020
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Some people want to buy automatic watches for formal events and even casual affairs while there are people that are more inclined to buy a water-resistant watch instead. Water-resistant watches are perfect for active people since they are going to sweat a lot and some would use it for diving and snorkeling excursions. Now, if you are planning to buy a water-resistant watch for yourself, you might be tempted to try its water-resistance rating for yourself. Today, I am going to tell you how you can safely test your watch’s water-resistance at home without damaging your timepiece.

Water-Resistant Watches: What Are They?

A water-resistant watch is a timepiece that can come in contact with water but only up to a certain extent. For instance, if you find a certain water-resistance rating either at the front or the back of the watch, you might find that it is water-resistant up to XX meters or ATM or BAR. Such a rating is given by the manufacturer and is tested for veracity by the ISO. The rating is based on three factors, namely the case back/gaskets, the crown, and the case and how well it can keep water at bay. Do keep in mind that the components of the watch itself- for instance, the gaskets- may age and its water-resistance may also decrease as a result. Testing your watch from time to time will ensure if it is still safe to use at the same level as you did the first time you bought it.

As for the rating, the watch manufacturer may either use meters, ATM (atmosphere), or BAR (same as ATM). Each bar is equivalent to 10 meters, so a 5 BAR watch can be water-resistant up to 50 meters. That being said, what do all of these ratings mean? Well, here are some general estimates:

  • 30 Meters- Generally only splash-proof
  • 50 Meters- Generally okay to be wearing while taking a shower and some light swimming, but is not appropriate to use in scuba excursions or deep diving activities
  • 100 Meters- Used mainly by triathletes, it can withstand water pressure, albeit you still do not want to use it in deep diving sessions
  • 200 Meters- If the watch is rated to last at least 200 meters and above, it is okay to use for deep diving.

Is Fogging a Sign of Leakage?

Not necessarily. Moisture or fogging in a watch is actually just a result of some light liquid that will eventually just dry out once it is cooled down. However, if water is visible on the watch face itself, it may be a sign of leakage and must be serviced immediately. Testing the Water-Resistance of the Watch For 30-50-Meter Water Resistance watches, you can take a shower and see if there is any fogging or visible liquid on the watch face. For 100-meter water-resistant watches, take a swim on the beach or the pool but do not go deep underwater. For 200-300-meter or above ratings, take a scuba-diving session for at least 10 minutes.

Health Tips for Men to Stay Active in Sex

January 13, 2020
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There are few strategies you can use to make more joyful, and more beneficial, eating routines. As well as, there are men’s wellness products in Malaysia that will help you to stay healthier.

Build up a healthy everyday schedule.

Make little strides each day to improve your health: pursue security proposals—at home, at work, at play, and in the vehicle—discover approaches to reduce worry in your life, set aside a few minutes for doing things you appreciate, and keep up sound associations with individuals who are vital to you.

Don’t smoke

If you smoke or utilize tobacco items, quit—stop has a few quick, just as long haul, advantages, and it’s the absolute best approach to enhance your wellbeing. Limit your presentation to used smoke as well—breathing in second-hand smoke likewise expands your hazard for various genuine medical issues.

Get enough rest.

Lack of sleep and clutters like rest apnea can expand your hazard for endless medical issues—including low testosterone, diabetes, coronary illness, weight, and melancholy—and can prompt mishaps. Rest necessities fluctuate with age and from individual to individual, yet most men require somewhere in the range of 7 and 9 hours every night.

Remain physically dynamic.

Ordinary physical movement—that raises your pulse and fortifies your muscles—is a critical piece of keeping solid. Spread out your physical movement amid the week and be careful with “end of the week warrior disorder.” Talk to your social insurance supplier before starting an exercise program.

Know your family’s medical history.

Hereditary (inherited) variables can influence your hazard for a few normal health conditions—including coronary illness, diabetes, certain tumors, joint pain, and others. Converse with your family and afterward share information with your medicinal services supplier. Building up a superior comprehension of your dangers can make it simpler to remain healthy.

Get suggested immunizations.

Antibodies can help secure men of all ages—adolescents, youthful grown-ups, moderately aged and more established—against various illnesses and conditions, including seasonal influenza, meningitis, HPV, pneumonia, lockjaw, and others. Converse with your medicinal services supplier—suggestions fluctuate as indicated by your age and different components.

5 Different Types of Web Hosting Explained

January 7, 2020
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1. Shared Web Hosting

Incredible for individuals on a limited spending plan. Webmasters commonly start with shared hosting. Shared hosting is extremely modest, yet has a significant disadvantage.

A ton of these plans utilizes a boundless data transfer capacity offer. There are consistently breaking points to the assets you can use on a shared server.

There are heaps of constraints with shared hosting. You are imparting your server to hundreds or thousands of different sites.

Subsequently, has to need to screen their asset use for each site on a similar server. A ton of hosts rushes to suspend your record when your asset limit is excessively high. For example, CPU use, RAM, and inodes have limits with these plans.

Shared plans can cost $2-$20 every month. Some shared hosts that get incredible audits on are:


2. Affiliate Web Hosting

Affiliate Web best hosting is an arrangement that enables you to sell distinctive shared plans.

Affiliate plans have a control board that enables you to have authority over the charging, stockpiling, RAM, and so on of your shared records. This enables you to have full power over various plans you can offer your customers.

A ton of web originators uses affiliate hosting to assist keep with the following of their customers. Likewise, they make month leftover pay from Reseller hosting.
Affiliate plans accompany these advantages:

  • Free website formats.
  • White marks specialized help. Your host will deal with specialized issues for your customers.
  • Private name servers.

Affiliate plans can cost between $15-$99/month. Some affiliate has that get surveys on are:


3. VPS Web Hosting

It’s as yet a shared domain. Be that as it may, you have much fewer impediments.

VPS web hosting has many fewer websites on a solitary server. Servers are split into littler “cuts.” Each of these cuts goes about as an alternate server. Henceforth the name Virtual Private Server.

Generally, there are just around 10 to 15 customers for each server.

VPS plans cost between $10-$200/month. Some VPS has that get great audits on are:


4. Devoted Web Hosting

Devoted hosting implies you are leasing a solitary server. There are no different sites on that server. It’s yours only. You have full power over it. You likewise have “root” get to.

Individuals utilize committed servers since they have high traffic websites. Other hosting plans won’t have enough committed assets to have their website.

Ordinarily, you have to realize how to deal with a server on the off chance that you need a committed hosting plan. Else, you’re going to require also enlist a server chairman. Hosts will offer oversaw and unmanaged servers, as well.

Devoted plans are normally $100+/month. Some committed hosts that get great surveys on are:


5. Colocation Web Hosting

Colocation is the place you lease “rack space” from a server farm. Ordinarily, you supply the server equipment. The host will give the power, storeroom, and an uplink.

You are at risk for the server programming, hard drive, reinforcement framework, and so forth. You are obligated to equipment disappointments. You should supplant the equipment in the event that it comes up short.

This is for the propelled specialized webmasters. Else, you’re going to need to utilize a shared, VPS, or committed hosting condition.

The value fluctuates for colocation administrations.

5 Amazing Reasons Not to Be an Advantage Casino Player

January 6, 2020
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1. You wouldn’t love the stress.

The life of a casino advantage player is a lot more stressful than fun. They need to work hard regularly in order to maintain their edge, all while dealing with swings, travel and bankroll problems. Believe it or not, it’s less stressful to work a regular, full-time job. Stress can kill a person. For some people, stress also comes with mental and health issues. This doesn’t mean that you should not be an advantage player, though. Just be prepared to deal with all the stress.

2. It is difficult.

The primary reason why there isn’t a lot of casino advantage players is because it’s not easy. It’s difficult to find profitable casino games. For instance, if you want to play poker, and be an expert someday, you must constantly adjust your strategy and improve your game play.

Even sports betting require a huge deal of trial and error, and research. Players must constantly work hard to establish new models and systems. If you want, you can also tweak your old strategies. All of these things demand tons of time and patience. Don’t worry, though. The process is not really that hard if you maintain a positive attitude.

3. Your casino routine would keep you away from your family and friends.

Are you excited to play at the best online casino in Thailand, and finally become a casino advantage player? Well, it involves a ton of sacrifices. Expect yourself to work on odd hours.

Unless your wife or husband fully supports this, it can lead to problems. At some point, you might even miss family milestones and important events in your kids’ lives. Of course, if a profitable casino game is currently running, you can’t leave it for a ball game or recital.

4. Expect a lot of traveling.

There are a plenty of profitable casino games all over the world. You just need to decide where you are going next. What is the location of your next game? For a while, you might stay in Las Vegas, but after just a day or two, you might have to move to Atlantic City or Mississippi. Moreover, a profitable casino game today may not be that profitable tomorrow. Advantage players are always at the mercy of the gambling industry’s ever-changing landscape.

5. You need to stay under the radar.

If you are a casino advantage player or profitable sports bettor, it’s important to stay under the radar. You wouldn’t want the casino or sports book to limit your fame play, or refuse your initiatives. Make a way to bet, without the books knowing how efficient you really are. Learn how to hide in plain sight.


Click here to know more!

Why You Should Focus on Your Content for Your Blog?

December 5, 2019
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How to create a blog in Malaysia?

Writing is a passion and an art in each of the content. When talking about blogging, you ought to think about the value of the writings, particularly if you compose expertly and there are focuses to be come to. Despite the fact that blogging has been around for a little while, the quantity of individuals who are practicing it, can’t distinguish what is the value of the content they make, how to adequately quantify it and lift its commitment is concerningly high.

Blogging, it is a method for articulation and regardless of the topic that may individuals expound on, they put a little bit of themselves into the materials they are chipping away at. Essayists put the words in a specific succession and structure the data that is contained inside through their own point of view, subsequently making a novel material.

Why should you focus on Value?

Blogging is a procedure of continuous improvement that requires time, devotion and skill on the themes we spread. For some individuals, it begins as an interest that later transforms into an auxiliary wellspring of pay and in the end a full-time occupation.

Bringing value to your readers is the best way to make a calling out of blogging. Simply put, if your words need an incentive for your perusers, you won’t most likely form a group of people and a network around your composition.

Talking from the point of view of a writer who changed to blogging, making a significant blog article for an explicitly fragmented crowd is a lot harder than it might appear.

5 Healthy Habits Men Can Practice that Will Lead to Enjoyable Sex

December 4, 2019
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Men always crave for enjoyable sex. But, there are a growing number of concerns that plague men, especially when they reach their 40s since their testosterone levels at this point may have dropped considerably compared to when they were still in their 20s.

Although there is nothing you can do with that since that is how men’s bodies are built, there are certain things that you can do that will still lead to passionate sex. Libido boosters are on top of the list when it comes to that. But, what other things can you practice? Here are some:

1. Regular Exercise

Our bodies are designed to move. Men who have sedentary lifestyles tend to have a bulging belly and concentrated fat on the belly area may lead to increased estrogen, resulting in unwanted side effects like less drive for sex and man-tits, among others.

To keep your penis in its peak condition, you have to consider getting regular exercise. And no, I am not talking about spending 4-6 hours in the gym; just a good 35-minute workout, at least 4-5 times a week will do.

In this timeframe, you can do pretty much anything. You can either go biking, swimming, brisk walking, running, jogging, strength training, or even sex!

2. Consider Yoga

A lot of men do not practice yoga because they deem it as an activity that is only for the ladies, but that is actually not true at all. In fact, there are a lot of benefits that can be had when you practice Yoga.

For instance, it helps you concentrate better and helps you be in a more relaxed state. In other words, Yoga can help you restore balance in your body that will allow you to become calmer than usual (this is useful, especially since we now live in a busier world).

Taking Yoga classes can help you get up to speed and I suggest that you take such classes at least 2-3 times a week.

3. Turn Off Your Gadgets

Spending too much time on your gadgets will not only harm your eyes but it can also negatively affect your relationship as well.

Devices such as computer displays and smartphones all emit blue light which can actually harm your vision. Aside from that, getting distracted with your gadgets will make your partner unhappy.

4. Drink Tea

Men typically go for coffee if they want to have their daily caffeine fix and I am not against that at all. It’s just that relying too much on coffee can lead to jitters and,
therefore, anxiety in some men.

If you want to have your caffeine, why not opt for tea instead? Aside from it being mild on the caffeine, green tea, for example, contains catechins that can help fight the effects of free radicals in the body.

5. Get More Sleep

Lack of sleep is certainly one of the major culprits to lower sexual performance in men. In fact, if you are sleeping less than 6 hours a day, you are running the risk of not being able to maintain powerful erections during coitus.

Now, how many hours of sleep does a man need? Ideally, you’d want to reach 7-9 hours of sleep a day for optimal health.

10 Things to Do in Kuala Lumpur Before You Die

October 22, 2019
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When you mention the city of Kuala Lumpur to anyone other than the locals, they will instantly think about the Petronas Towers because that is one of the most iconic structures in the city.

However, with a landmass of 243 kilometers squared, there are certainly a lot more things that you can do here. Whether you want to stuff your face with food, spend the evening with a lovely freelance girl, or just hanging out with friends in some of the city’s best bars, there is certainly something to do for everyone.

Today, I am going to state the things that you need to do in Kuala Lumpur before you die.

Bangsar Shopping Centre

Aside from the fact that you can buy a lot of designer items in the shopping center, I really love its CityGolf.

If you want to experience playing golf first-hand without the heat of the sun, then this store has a golf simulation room that you can try.

It is located inside the Bangsar Shopping Centre and is definitely a place that you’d want to go if you are in the city.

Jump Street Trampoline Park

As a kid, I’ve always wanted to try out some of those big trampolines but I really had a hard time finding one that is great for adults.

Fortunately, the Jump Street Trampoline Park is an ideal place to be, especially if you want to try an actual trampoline made for adults and kids alike.

The Escape Room

Located in Berjaya Times Square, the Escape Room puts you and your friends in a room that is filled with puzzles and other tests. You are given a certain time limit and the main objective is, well, to escape the room. It is definitely a fun experience for friends and family.

KLCC Skybridge

The Skybridge is actually located on the 41st and 42nd floors of the Petronas Towers. Here, you can find a great view of the city as the bridge is located 170 meters above the ground.

Overseas United Garden

Even though the streets of Jalan Alor is definitely the most iconic when it comes to street foods, this night market also serves up some amazing street eats as well. Not to mention that the foods here are cheap!

Islamic Arts Museum

Malaysia is a predominantly Islamic country, but whether you practice the religion or not, you can marvel at some Islamic art pieces in its specific museum in the city. With over 7000+ artifacts across 12 main galleries, you will be able to learn more about the arts.

Imbi Market

This market serves up some of the freshest ingredients because not only does this place have plenty of food stalls, it also serves as a wet market as well.


It is most likely that you took a plane to Malaysia. But, why become a passenger if you can experience being the pilot of the plane instead?

In SimFlightKL, you will be able to try being a pilot in one of their 737 and Airbus A320 simulators.

Perdana Lake Gardens

Kuala Lumpur is home to many natural parks and the Perdana Lake Gardens is one of them. This British-Style Lake Gardens provides you with an amazing view while also experiencing nature at the same time.

Dining in the Dark

There is a notion that when one of your senses go out, the others get heightened. Well, whether you believe that idea to be true or not, you can put that to the test by having dinner in the dark.

Dining in the Dark is a restaurant that gives you a unique experience: Eating in a completely dark room. Perhaps not being able to see your food will further your appreciation of it.