5 Amazing Reasons Not to Be an Advantage Casino Player

January 6, 2020
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1. You wouldn’t love the stress.

The life of a casino advantage player is a lot more stressful than fun. They need to work hard regularly in order to maintain their edge, all while dealing with swings, travel and bankroll problems. Believe it or not, it’s less stressful to work a regular, full-time job. Stress can kill a person. For some people, stress also comes with mental and health issues. This doesn’t mean that you should not be an advantage player, though. Just be prepared to deal with all the stress.

2. It is difficult.

The primary reason why there isn’t a lot of casino advantage players is because it’s not easy. It’s difficult to find profitable casino games. For instance, if you want to play poker, and be an expert someday, you must constantly adjust your strategy and improve your game play.

Even sports betting require a huge deal of trial and error, and research. Players must constantly work hard to establish new models and systems. If you want, you can also tweak your old strategies. All of these things demand tons of time and patience. Don’t worry, though. The process is not really that hard if you maintain a positive attitude.

3. Your casino routine would keep you away from your family and friends.

Are you excited to play at the best online casino in Thailand, and finally become a casino advantage player? Well, it involves a ton of sacrifices. Expect yourself to work on odd hours.

Unless your wife or husband fully supports this, it can lead to problems. At some point, you might even miss family milestones and important events in your kids’ lives. Of course, if a profitable casino game is currently running, you can’t leave it for a ball game or recital.

4. Expect a lot of traveling.

There are a plenty of profitable casino games all over the world. You just need to decide where you are going next. What is the location of your next game? For a while, you might stay in Las Vegas, but after just a day or two, you might have to move to Atlantic City or Mississippi. Moreover, a profitable casino game today may not be that profitable tomorrow. Advantage players are always at the mercy of the gambling industry’s ever-changing landscape.

5. You need to stay under the radar.

If you are a casino advantage player or profitable sports bettor, it’s important to stay under the radar. You wouldn’t want the casino or sports book to limit your fame play, or refuse your initiatives. Make a way to bet, without the books knowing how efficient you really are. Learn how to hide in plain sight.


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